Ceramic Cat Bowl

For ceramic cat bowl, we have enough shapes and sizes. We also could produce according to your designs. It could be white bowl, it could be colorful bowl, and also, it could be with decal printing. Just tell me what you are looking for, then, let deal with it together. In most people’s mind, the...

Product Details

Production Feature:

Ceramic cat bowl, the traditional concept of ceramic refers to all artificial industrial products made of inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay. It includes various articles prepared by kneading, forming, and calcining a mixture of clay or clay.

Its surface is smooth, so cleaning is very convenient. The surface treatment can be done with colored glazes, with different colors and decorations, making the cat bowl look more like a craft. Since the ceramic itself is a clay mud, it is very malleable and can be customized according to the requirements of local agents or distributors.


Ceramic Cat Bowl VS Plastic Cat Bow

Feeding factors of cats

The choice of the pet cat bowl should also consider the health problem, the pet cat's paws are better, and when they eat, they like to scratch in the bowl. If it is said for the plastic bowl, it is easy to leave the scratch and become a place of bacteria breeding.

Ceramic bowls have a heavy weight compared to plastic bowls, and we add a heavy base to the cat bowl to prevent it from being easily overturned by naughty cats. Moreover, the ceramic itself is fired in clay. When cooking the cat bowl, we also fully considered the eating habits and characteristics of the pet cat. The low flat design does not make the pet cat feel uncomfortable when eating.

Health factors

Pet cats are characterized by preferring lighter tableware because they don't like their tentacles being rubbed while eating. And cats prefer to move, compared to dogs when eating, they are more alert, so the choice of cat bowl should be heavier to avoid being overturned by pet cats.

Long-term use of plastic bowls has certain harm to the body of cats. Plastics are often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals. When using hot water or boiling water in plastic bowls, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into water. And the internal microstructure of the plastic has a lot of pores, which hide the dirt, and it is easy to breed bacteria if it is not cleaned.

Ceramic Cat Drink Bowl

In most people's mind, the cat never drink. This is wrong. Actual, cats like water.So, when you buy ceramic cat bowl, please buy your cat two bowls, one for food, and the other  for water.Of course, if you like, you can buy more than 2 ceramic cat bowls. But remember to clean all the bowls and keep the lovely cat in health condition.