Large Ceramic Soup Bowl

Large Ceramic Soup Bowl
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Large Deep White Ceramic Soup Bowl

-This Ceramic Soup Bowl is large in size and deep. It has a large capacity and can be used to hold soup, noodle, etc..Also,you can use it as an individual bowl for salads, for mixtures, or even as a pasta dish.  It is a great addition to your kitchen dishware.

-It is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is lead and cadmium free and safe for daily use.

-Great use from the kitchen to table service which can greatly enhance the dining experience.

-The round bowl is convenient to clean and maintain.

-Made of food grade clay, unbreakable, hard, shapable, resistant to collision and stackable,it is eco-friendly that it produces no pollutants,doing no harm to the nature and the human body.

-Simple design, it is practical and cost effective.

-Stable base,firm constructure,durability that it can be used for a long term.

-It can greatly keep the flavor of the soup and stay warm for its bad dissipation,making you enjoy the hot soup in cold  winter.

-It is widely used in restaurants,hotels and home.

-The light color or light decal printing is suitable for vegetable soup, while maybe some fish design of the ceramic soup bowl is suitable for fish soup.Thus, you can store soup bowls with different pattern to match with the soup.