Ceramic Soup Bowl

Product Details

The soup bowl is one of the most commonly used tableware in our weekdays, and we can choose a lot of materials. But ceramic soup bowls have many advantages over soup bowls of other materials.

Ceramic Soup Bowl Adventure:

1. Collision resistant

The reinforced porcelain soup bowl is made of high-quality porcelain clay with aluminum and magnesium and fired at about 1300 degrees Celsius. They are recrystallized and magnetized into a substance. It is its housekeeping ability.

2. Chemically stable

The glazed surface of the ceramic soup bowl is made of high-temperature glaze and is chemically stable. Acid and alkali resistant, it is not easy to chemically react with the food or water contained in it. This is an advantage that other metal tableware such as stainless steel and iron are not available. It is also resistant to corrosion and will not rust.

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White Soup Bowl

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Decal Soup Bowl

timg.jpg          Color Soup Bowl

Borui Ceramic ——Professional Ceramic Bowl factory

Ceramic soup bowl has thousands designs in Borui Ceramic , it could be round, square, unique shape , it could be with decal printing, it could also be color glazed. Whatever shape or design it is, it must be smooth on surface, only smooth surface could be easy for cleaning. Ceramic soup bowl is also provide people the feeling of artworks.

A ceramic soup bowl must be good in stability, and it must pass the high temperature testing.

In our factory, we accept OEM orders of all kinds ceramic soup bowls. Please contact us for further details.

When people choose ceramic soup bowl, they will consider what soup they are going to cook.

The light color or light decal printing is suitable for vegetable soup, while maybe some fish design of the ceramic soup bowl is suitable for fish soup.

1. Compare to Imitation ceramic bowl

from the outside, it is very similar to ceramics. It is actually made of plastic. Although the manufacturer uses degradation treatment in the production process, in the course of use, (especially some unqualified fake and inferior ceramic bowls) Heat releases harmful gases.

2. Compare to Stainless steel cutlery

stainless steel cutlery contains a lot of heavy metal components, some components are needed by the human body, and some components will cause certain damage to the human body, especially some stainless steel cutlery that does not meet the standard. Stainless steel cutlery also has rust and bacteria produced for a long time without using it. And try not to use stainless steel bowls with salt, soy sauce, vinegar and other foods.

3. Compare to Wooden bowls,

wooden tableware: wooden bowls must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment during the production process, and then there is surface spray paint. These chemical components are harmful to the body.