Ceramic Bowls With Logo

Ceramic Bowls With Logo
Product Details

The ceramic bowl is popular among users because of its exquisite style, chemical stability and so on. For some restaurants and restaurants, tableware with their own logo is often ordered for customers. We often see in the chain or large restaurants that the bowls we use will carry a logo. This ceramic bowl is made with a decal process.

Custom Color and Shape for Logo Bowl

White porcelain is best used in tableware bowls, because white porcelain glaze itself does not contain heavy metals, which is most beneficial to human health.

1. We have thousands of bowls that can give you a customized reference.




2. We can provide free color matching service according to customers' requirements.

Ceramic bowl making process

1. Fabrication of ceramic embryos

All of our ceramic products are white embryos made from kaolin Clay. In the process of production, we use the molds for qualitative production according to customer requirements. The ceramic bowls we make have square bowls, round bowls, and many special shapes.

2. Glaze under applique

The logo paper was attached to the ceramic bowl embryo, and then coated with a transparent enamel to be sintered into a colored ceramic vessel at 1350 °C. The logo pattern is printed on the paper, which is obtained by temporarily kneading the tissue paper and 180G/m2 wood pulp paper. The kneading liquid is generally made of a certain ratio and concentration of the binding liquid and the filling liquid. In the case of a combination, a special chelating solution must be used. The carrier of the pattern is tissue paper, also known as paper. In use, the carrier flower paper is transferred onto the ceramic embryo, after removing the backing paper, a transparent enamel is applied, so that the glaze layer covers the entire porcelain embryo, and then the porcelain embryo is sintered at 1350 ° C into a colored Logo ceramic bowl.